Unlike talking about new smartphonescoming out, today we decide to covertop 10 best Android apps in 2015. Evidently, within all the period of PhonesMag producing content, we were more focusing on smartphones especially the newest ones or the upcoming ones from the most dominant ones. Anyhow, this article would be earmarked only the best Android apps in 2015. In other words, this is a top 10 post which we chose to make it special only on the top 10 best Android apps in 2015, and other top 10 topics may would be talking about the top 10 cutest animals in the forest !! Oh what ? No, I am just kidding ☻!

At any rate, let us discover these best Android apps in 2015 and these applications are covered in this very article chronologically from the best applications to the better applications or less value according to PhonesMag community classifications .

1. Knot it

Knot it Android Application

This is a very paramount application should be on your smartphone if you are a really hard worker or a diligent student, because with this application you won’t never ever lose any opportunity because it keeps you arouse by its reminding notifications with images. All you need is to program your daily basis reminder in this application and let it work for you and guide all day long with alerts.

2. Piktures

Piktures Android Application

Pictures this time with “K”, we used to read pictures with “C” but this special application makes the name also special, the simplicity, flexibility and beauty of this application make it be the second in this top ten. This application specialized in managing photos and videos fast and beautifully also with bewitching effects. It really deserves a try !

3. CalculatorL

CalculatorL Andoid Application

This spectacular calculator is the most wonderful calculator application I have ever used, with an intuitive interface and mesmerizing animations and effects. Moreover, this applications has come with something special and new such as Trigonometric functions also Logarithm and much more.

4. Link Bubble

Link Bubble Android Application

Link Bubble is working such as Facebook Messenger but this one is working to browse and navigate the web or any other applications. Like example, while I am using a certain application and someone suddenly send me a link, Link Bubble would load that link in a very special webpage in pop up without leaving your current application, and this saves time and energy for your smartphone, and Link Bubble application has a lot of other options, I let you discover them by yourself !




5. Beautiful icon styler

Beautiful icon styler Andoird Application

Get your icons be in a new spectacular style which you are not familiar with the ability to choose the most fitting icon styles for you. It worths trying ..

6. Blinkbox

Blinkbox Andoird Application

If you are a fan of music and you are following stars and their albums, this application is the one that can work for you, with Blinkbox you can download the latest music for free. Moreover, you can also listen to radio stations including the newest and latest music without Wi-Fi access, manage and edit your playlist as the way you wish and with a professional way.




7. Instagram

Instagram Android Application

Instagram even though in 2015, it is still counted as the second best social media applications, with this application you can take pictures with bewitching effects and share them immediately with your followers on your personal account. Today, in this article about top 10 best Android apps or applications in 2015 we classified Instagram as the seventh best application in 2017.


8. WhatsApp

WhatsApp Andoird Application

One of the most popular applications today, and this is due to its unique idea and design and more than that, it belongs the the website number one which is Facebook. WhatsApp now is available even on PCs And it is one of the best applications in 2015.


9. Groopic

Groopic Andoird Application

If you like group pictures, and if you are a photographer you wanna be part of the group photo, this application gives you the ability to do that because in a particular photo we always miss one who is the photographer. With Groopic, from now on no one would be missed in a singular picture.




10. Spill

Spill Andoird Application

As we denoted CalculatorL for diligent students to enhance their capacity in studies, here we have for you another amazing application which is Spill, dedicated to reinforce the language or anything echoes to studies, especially in high school. If you are a high school student or have a child who is still studying, this application would be pretty beneficial.

Summary: These applications were the foremost top 10 best Android apps in 2015according to PhonesMag that could anyone could get benefit from. Stay tuned and subscribe here because we have another top ten articles coming out soon.

SOURCE: Top 10 Best Android Apps In 2015